Count your blessings

Count your blessings. This is something I always say. I might forget it at times. But then something or the other happens to remind me of this and I begin to count my blessings once more.

That is something that happened to me the day before. I was casually discussing the weekend that was with one of my friends when she mentioned that she is very sad every year during Rakshabandhan because she has no brother. I casually mentioned, what about cousins and she shook her head. That’s when I realized how lucky I was to have a younger brother, who by the general standards of younger brothers qualifies to be an angel! And over the years, having gotten so used to celebrating Rakhabandhan and Bhaidooj, I kind of forgot the significance of it. The fact that we are able to celebrate this occasion is every year is a big big thing. Thank God for that. Even bigger is the fact that we have been celebrating it together every year for the last two decades. Touchwood!!!! I counted my blessings that day and thanked God from the bottom of my heart. I also silently thanked my friend who made me realize about this blessing, something I had begun taking for granted.

 I pray that all of us never forget the small blessings we have…

Count your blessings



There comes a time when you the stars in your eyes fade away, when logic and common sense take over heady emotions. Sometimes it happens on its own accord, sometimes you have to force yourself to do it. With me, it’s the latter. By jove, its tough. Will I skim through it? I hope I do…


Ever felt like the world is crumbling around you? I’m sure you must have…

But ever felt light-hearted at a time like that? Strangely enough, I have….!

Weird, did you say? Yeah, weird is the word. I am weird… very, very weird. Coz even at the saddest of times, and especially at the saddest of times, I hear music inside my head. Correction, I hear songs inside my head. Music for me is all about songs, all about fabulous lyrics interwoven with melody. When it comes to pure music, I am stone deaf – can’t differentiate a note from another! Coming back to my weirdness, imagine this. You are 14 years old, have just written your first term of class 10 exams and not met the target your Princi gave you. Its 7 in the evening and there is a long list of parents and students outside the Princi’s cabin. Some cool about it, few indifferent but most of them as nervous as another, ready to be shitting in their pants. And if you are sitting there and playing “Suno Sajna Papeehe Ne kahaa Sabse Pukaar Ke” in your head, then what are you? Either super cool or plain indifferent, you’d say. What if you are neither? Then you are definitely weird!

This was just a teeny weeny example of the my weirdness. Trust me, the weird-o-meter does a double take when I am sitting for an interview, looking at the poker face of a seemingly khadoos HR guy and the song playing is “Nanha Munha Rahee Hoon, Desh ka Sipahee Hoon, Bolo Mere Sang Jai Hind…. Jai Hind…. Jai Hind….” Now you are a fresher, just embarking on your career. At an important moment, at a decisive moment, you suddenly get patriotic!!!! What the hell???

Yeah, yeah I am eccentric…

Hello world!

I have this itch to write.  A few month’s inactivity has increased this itch a great deal. It has come to a point where I can no longer contain it within myself.  And so I am starting this new blog. Have had two other blogs in the past. In a moment of uncontrolled fury, I once deleted all posts on one of my blogs. Something I regret now….

 The other blog still stands, though I stopped writing it. Why? I do not know. Just ran out of words to say I guess. Everyone goes thru a periods of silence na, I did too. But I am starting afresh. Feel a bit like a phoenix, rising from the smeltering ashes of the old blogger self…

 hello world!




सभी चाहते हैं मेरा एक हिस्सा उनके लिये,
में कब पाऊँ कुछ अपने लियेजीवन है मेरा,
किंतु महत्व किसी और का
विचार हैं मेरे,
परंतु आचार किसी और सा

तस्वीर बनाना चाहूँ
तो मन के रंग न भर पाऊँ
गीत गाना चाहूँ,
तो अपनी धुन न रच पाऊँ

कैद हूँ मैं,
जैसे एक अदृश्य से पिंजरे में
मेहंदी हूँ जैसे,
जीवन सार्थक है पिसने में

तोडना है मुझे,
इन बेडियों को अपने पाँव से
अर्थ पाना है खुद का,
सँसार कि धूप-छाँव में

सभी चाहते हैं मेरा एक हिस्सा उनके लिये,
में कब पाऊँ कुछ अपने लिये

Sabhee chhahte hain mera ek hissa unke liye,
Mein kab paaoon kuchh apne liyeJeevan hai mera,
Kintu mahatv kisee aur ka
Vichaar hain mere,
Parantu aachaar kisee aur sa

Tasveer banana chaahoon,
To man ke rang na bhar paoon
Geet gaana chaahoon,
To apnee dhun na rach paoon

Kaid hoon mein,
Jaise ek adrishya se pinjre mein
Mehndee hoon jaise,
Jeevan sarthak hai pisne mein

Todna hai mujhe,
In bediyon ko apne paanv se
Arth paana hai,
Khud ka, sansaar ki dhoop-chhaon mein

Sabhee chhahte hain mera ek hissa unke liye,
Mein kab paaoon kuchh apne liye



एक मुट्ठी आसमान

छोटे छोटे टुकडों में बँटा हुआ है,
ऐसा लगता है जैसे कटा हुआ है,
लंबी लंबी ईमारतों के बीच में,
एक मुट्ठी आसमान ही मिला हुआ है।

ऊँची उडान भरते देखा नहीं,
सदियों से किसी पंछी को,
बस पार करते देखा है,
एक छोर से दूसरे तक,
अपने आसमान के टुकडे को।

बादलों का काफिला भी,
निकलता है थक थक के,
मेरे टुकडे में कभी कभार,
नज़र आता है ठहरा हुआ,
और फिर चल देता है रुक रुक के।

सूरज की क्या बात कहूँ,
बस झलक ही दिखलाता है,
दिन का एक ही पल है,
जो नाम मेरे कर के,
आँखों से ओझिल हो जाता है।

छोटे छोटे टुकडों में बँटा हुआ है,
ऐसा लगता है जैसे कटा हुआ है,
लंबी लंबी ईमारतों के बीच में,
एक मुट्ठी आसमान ही मिला हुआ है।

This poem is inspired by a comment my mom once made – something she doesn’t get to see in Bombay is the vast open sky.

When anks changed professions- yeah, again!

The old visitors of my blog know how i went from being an engineer to a marketeer… Well a lot of others know it too… The self obsessed person that I am, I keep talking about it. And an interesting tale it makes too, so keeps the conversation flowing. But this post is not about that.
This is about the time changed professions again- albeit for a day!

Was in Ahmedabad was the last three days. Actually I am still there. This post is being typed on my cell phone as I wait for check out. Thank God for T9! Was in the city for an event apparently there was a lack of local man power (read grey matter) and so two of us from Bombay were to come down and help them. You wouldn’t believe the frustration levels we went through in the two days that were meant for all the preparations. Oh God, I’m turning this into a crib session, and that wasn’t on the agenda at all. So let’s cut to the evening of the event.

It was a campus rock idol zonal finals and we had a cool stall with a swanky touch screen kiosk and loads of colour handsets to give away. All we needed was a couple of good looking chicks to pull the crowd to the stall and direct them and direct them to the kiosk. Now how tough could that be? Apparently- very..! The girls we got weren’t exactly Miss India material, but they were ok. So we chose them. Prob began when they reached the event. Those girls didn’t speak at all. They just didn’t speak. The entire crowd seemed to be passing us by and one of our two ladies just stood like they were out on a picnic. The other one tried, but she wasn’t getting the people enthused. The other one said ma’m an anchor can do this. We are promoters. Yeah right! Why the hell didn’t you say any of this when I’d briefed you before the event? After about ten thousand briefings to them, I decided to take matters- read mic into my own hands. And that’s when I told the one who was trying lady, you get the crowd here, I’ll manage it. For the next two hours, I got college kids to scream, sing, do sit ups, shout their fav band’s name, their girlfriend’s name, say tongue twisters, play antakshri and do God knows What…! I would tell them to do the first thing that came to my mind…. And shouted myself hoarse by the end of the event. There was no competing with the professional mc’s who were at the nearby stalls, but I think I managed all right, especially with the support I had… God, I can’t stand inactivity… And coming from a lazy person like me, that’s quite a contradiction.

But if you ask me why I did it. The answer is simple. I was enjoying it. Really… And without being modest, I know I did a decent job… So there, I tried another profession… Now I think its time to try being a radio jockey… What do you say, huh?