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Reality Check



Sometimes when you start to fly, life has a way of bringing you back on earth – reality check! It begins with subtle signs at first and if you get it, great… if you don’t, and still go on happily prancing about in your bubble, you get a hard knock to burst that bubble…


Hindi mein kahavat hai “der aaye durust aaye” But once you are reeling from the hard knock, it is difficult to get up and start running… sigh, but we have to na…? You could take it in your stride and move on or you could fret over the fact that you didn’t read the signs before. But you know what, reading the signs is risky business!!! It’s like reading a thriller in a language you don’t know well… You could get the story all mixed up J


But we all need reality checks – keeps us in line… Personally, I think small little joltlets (not full fledged jolts) at frequent intervals are a lot better than one big jhatka that leaves you all breathless and gasping for air. What do u think???


Hello world!

I have this itch to write.  A few month’s inactivity has increased this itch a great deal. It has come to a point where I can no longer contain it within myself.  And so I am starting this new blog. Have had two other blogs in the past. In a moment of uncontrolled fury, I once deleted all posts on one of my blogs. Something I regret now….

 The other blog still stands, though I stopped writing it. Why? I do not know. Just ran out of words to say I guess. Everyone goes thru a periods of silence na, I did too. But I am starting afresh. Feel a bit like a phoenix, rising from the smeltering ashes of the old blogger self…

 hello world!


The last conversation

“…I hope you understand now” sad

“Yeah” upset”I had to…” sad

“Hmm” quiet

“I’m sorry…” apologetic

“Its ok” forgiving

“If I ever come back?” uncertain

“I’ll welcome you with my arms open” excited

“But I won’t. You have my number on your cell, but don’t call me. I am Mrs. William Berry now.” cruel