Charlie’s Angels….

The part about real life that is different from books and movies is that there is no suddenness in real life. Well, almost no suddenness. Transitions in life are generally slow, progressing over time as against abrupt, jolting happening in reel life. When do people at your workplace go from being colleagues to friendly colleagues to friends, you can never really say. There are no defining moments you can look back upon and say that this was the time my relationship with such and such person changed.

It’s all a blur when I look back at it now, nut J, S and me have gone thru exactly this transition. They can be clearly called sources of solace in a place where the general atmosphere tended to be hostility wrapped in a cloak of friendliness. It was so easy to forget it all when I stepped out for a cup of coffee with J. When I think of all that drooling over dollops of luscious chocolate ice cream with S, it gives my perpetual chocolate ice cream a big boost!

It happens rarely, but it happens sometimes, that I am at a loss for words!!! This is one such time… Thanks for being there girls, here’s to Charlie’s Angels J



ps – For those of you who can’t understand the title and pic in this post, J, S and Me are called Charlie’s Angels!!!


6 responses to “Charlie’s Angels….

  1. Got gold ( back) 🙂

    I guess, with those blessed angles around, the path will be easier now …

  2. You have been a great source of inspiration, a reason for my smile many a times… thanx for being a great friend!

  3. Hey..

    As usaul always late in seeing things and replying …but better late than never ever…what say you.. (am just saving my ass here)..

    Well well its just frens who keep us sailing..and I have sailed coz of you two…miss those days.. and cherish them too,…I am gald our paths crossed and you touched my life…

    Glad to have both pf you…

  4. @ Prem,

    well, the angels certainly help!

  5. @ Jigs,

    So have you dear… thanks for being there….

  6. @ Shikhs,

    finally miss busy got the time huh!

    i miss all the fun too…. and all the good times we had…

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