Ever felt like the world is crumbling around you? I’m sure you must have…

But ever felt light-hearted at a time like that? Strangely enough, I have….!

Weird, did you say? Yeah, weird is the word. I am weird… very, very weird. Coz even at the saddest of times, and especially at the saddest of times, I hear music inside my head. Correction, I hear songs inside my head. Music for me is all about songs, all about fabulous lyrics interwoven with melody. When it comes to pure music, I am stone deaf – can’t differentiate a note from another! Coming back to my weirdness, imagine this. You are 14 years old, have just written your first term of class 10 exams and not met the target your Princi gave you. Its 7 in the evening and there is a long list of parents and students outside the Princi’s cabin. Some cool about it, few indifferent but most of them as nervous as another, ready to be shitting in their pants. And if you are sitting there and playing “Suno Sajna Papeehe Ne kahaa Sabse Pukaar Ke” in your head, then what are you? Either super cool or plain indifferent, you’d say. What if you are neither? Then you are definitely weird!

This was just a teeny weeny example of the my weirdness. Trust me, the weird-o-meter does a double take when I am sitting for an interview, looking at the poker face of a seemingly khadoos HR guy and the song playing is “Nanha Munha Rahee Hoon, Desh ka Sipahee Hoon, Bolo Mere Sang Jai Hind…. Jai Hind…. Jai Hind….” Now you are a fresher, just embarking on your career. At an important moment, at a decisive moment, you suddenly get patriotic!!!! What the hell???

Yeah, yeah I am eccentric…


11 responses to “Wierd…

  1. I think it happens with everyone. Sometimes with me too. So don’t worry dear. You are not weird. If you are than me too 😛

  2. yeah, you are wierd too… welcome to the club!

  3. he he he

    You know better I’m always there 😀

  4. Well well, what have we here? You know something?Reader’s digest once published an article on something related to this…and it clearly stated that if you keep hearing notes or music in your head…you aren’t nuts or weird…it’s absolutely…N-O-R-M-A-L !!!I keep hearing songs when I have my exams(!!!)…like for example…when I am supposed to be solving a difficult (?) differential equation…or when I am trying hard to sleep…but it evades me…
    so yeah…it’s silly sometimes…but hey….this world isn’t really a serious place…everyone’s slipping on banana peels…have a look around you and that’s it! 🙂

  5. @ Aindrila, Welcome to the blog….

    So I guess I am not the only wierdo around huh…. there are plenty like me…. enough for all of us to be called normal!

  6. Yeah…guess it boils down to that! 🙂 Am satisfied…aren’t you?

  7. Well absolutely..i think music is brains way of coping with the stress…brain can make its own choices u see 🙂

  8. Now the temp is really looking great.

    You know what I supposed to suggest you to change the pict with the sunflower image. You did it before I suggest you.

    And if I’m not wrong this is one of your creation. Hai na. I mean the cunflowr painting 🙂 very lovely 🙂

  9. @ Aindrila,

    yeah… i am 🙂

  10. @ Shikhs,

    yeah, my brain is another person altogether!!!!

    it was even humming in the meeting :0

  11. @ J,

    I wish it was…. but no, I got this from the net…

    thanks for liking the template though….

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