Hello world!

I have this itch to write.  A few month’s inactivity has increased this itch a great deal. It has come to a point where I can no longer contain it within myself.  And so I am starting this new blog. Have had two other blogs in the past. In a moment of uncontrolled fury, I once deleted all posts on one of my blogs. Something I regret now….

 The other blog still stands, though I stopped writing it. Why? I do not know. Just ran out of words to say I guess. Everyone goes thru a periods of silence na, I did too. But I am starting afresh. Feel a bit like a phoenix, rising from the smeltering ashes of the old blogger self…

 hello world!



8 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Welcome Back!!!!


  2. We don’t ask why as it’s no any significance but the matter us is that you are back.

    Hope you will not disappear again.

    New Place, New Looks, New Name…..

    Badhiya hai 😉 😛

  3. Chandramukhi :)

    Oye Surajmukheeee,

    Mera comments kidhar gaya??? :O

    Jyada gussa nahin dila nahin toh main Chandramukhi se Jwalamukhi banjaungiiiiiiiiiiii

    Happy Independent Day 🙂

  4. hey thanks J!!!!

    you are an incredible person… how did u know its me? DJ didn’t recognise when I left a comment on his blog!!!

  5. Wonderful to see you puring your thoughts on wordpress (thanks it accessible)…Sincei havent read your previous blog..I look forward to this one..

    Cheers Babes!

  6. It wasn’t very hard to recognize you….

    There are many things….

    The very first of your line of the post is speaking about you

    And the ID Sunflower 🙂 😛

    And the template, The email ID, and many more 🙂

    I’m happy that you are back >:D

    Only the half hug as I can’t give you the full.

    Now come back in our place I mean FunPage too 🙂

  7. @ shikhs,

    Yeah, thank God this is accessible! My blog has lots of meaningless blabber about me…

    I’m obssessed with myself… 😉

  8. @ J,

    I still say you are amazing!!!!

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