When anks changed professions- yeah, again!

The old visitors of my blog know how i went from being an engineer to a marketeer… Well a lot of others know it too… The self obsessed person that I am, I keep talking about it. And an interesting tale it makes too, so keeps the conversation flowing. But this post is not about that.
This is about the time changed professions again- albeit for a day!

Was in Ahmedabad was the last three days. Actually I am still there. This post is being typed on my cell phone as I wait for check out. Thank God for T9! Was in the city for an event apparently there was a lack of local man power (read grey matter) and so two of us from Bombay were to come down and help them. You wouldn’t believe the frustration levels we went through in the two days that were meant for all the preparations. Oh God, I’m turning this into a crib session, and that wasn’t on the agenda at all. So let’s cut to the evening of the event.

It was a campus rock idol zonal finals and we had a cool stall with a swanky touch screen kiosk and loads of colour handsets to give away. All we needed was a couple of good looking chicks to pull the crowd to the stall and direct them and direct them to the kiosk. Now how tough could that be? Apparently- very..! The girls we got weren’t exactly Miss India material, but they were ok. So we chose them. Prob began when they reached the event. Those girls didn’t speak at all. They just didn’t speak. The entire crowd seemed to be passing us by and one of our two ladies just stood like they were out on a picnic. The other one tried, but she wasn’t getting the people enthused. The other one said ma’m an anchor can do this. We are promoters. Yeah right! Why the hell didn’t you say any of this when I’d briefed you before the event? After about ten thousand briefings to them, I decided to take matters- read mic into my own hands. And that’s when I told the one who was trying lady, you get the crowd here, I’ll manage it. For the next two hours, I got college kids to scream, sing, do sit ups, shout their fav band’s name, their girlfriend’s name, say tongue twisters, play antakshri and do God knows What…! I would tell them to do the first thing that came to my mind…. And shouted myself hoarse by the end of the event. There was no competing with the professional mc’s who were at the nearby stalls, but I think I managed all right, especially with the support I had… God, I can’t stand inactivity… And coming from a lazy person like me, that’s quite a contradiction.

But if you ask me why I did it. The answer is simple. I was enjoying it. Really… And without being modest, I know I did a decent job… So there, I tried another profession… Now I think its time to try being a radio jockey… What do you say, huh?


20 responses to “When anks changed professions- yeah, again!

  1. @ Juneli,

    You actually took the trouble of finding out how many words?? Wow!

  2. @ ricky,

    what!!!! you didn’t know that???? arre, cell pe type kiya sirf… transferred it on the comp and then posted it!

  3. Hey Ram! You typed that out on mobile phone! I cant believe this! But it shows that how enthused u were to share it all here. The second last para’s structure has the energy jumping out of it! Great to see u had a wonderful time, and also u made others hv a gala time. So, when do we hear u on Radio Mirchi now?

  4. u write damn well! i could feel as if i was out there myself jumping and calling out my ex-girlfriends name and doing push-ups just for you…*sigh*…there i go again on my mungerilal trip…

  5. Yeap dear I did. So I that I called myself crazy because of this kind of behaviour 😛

  6. Nice that you had a great time …So when do here you on radio?

  7. Hats off to you to type so many words on cell fone..and than hats, spects, watch and belt off to JUNELI who actually counted the no. of words!!

    btw..Great job done madam, in ahmedabad!!

    Main jaldi hi radio mirchi sun na chaloo karta hoon..;-)

  8. @ DJ,

    Actually, I am addicted to the phone… and i lov texting… so it was no trouble at all… i was fresh off from the experience and i’ve realised that if i don’t write them down immediately, i don’t get around to writing them at all!

    arre, radio mirchi wants model type RJ’s… don’t think they’ll hire me 😦

  9. Wow..u typed the whole thing in ur cell! I can manage alright with my blackberry with qwerty keyboard…but a cell phone! Wow!

    U seem to have had so much fun and made others enjoy too! Following everyone’s comments, will I get to hear u on radio next time I’m in India? 😀

  10. @ yogi,

    thanks dude…! next time i’m going for an event, i’ll tell you guys in advance… maybe some of you can be there! that’ll be real good fun :p

    are you a fan of mungerilal?

  11. @ navy,

    as soon as they sign me on…

  12. @ gaurav,

    don’t call me madam!

    i do admit that ahmedabad was fun – all said and done, i enjoyed my time there…

    all the r-gang members know how addicted i am to the cell phone… texting all the time! so this post was no big deal…! but hats off to juneli… honestly….

  13. @ colors,

    Oh dear, like I said, its no big deal really! I had fun doing the event…

    As for radio, it’s wishful thinking! 🙂

  14. i wish i can attend ur shows…but i am sadaoing my ass idhar in us of a. kabhi idhar aana hua to batana, zaroor milengey!

    tu model type nahin hai? u sure like hell sound like one!

  15. @ yogi,

    oh… are u a s/w engg???

    coz they are the ones flocking usa aaj kal toh…

    main model type nahin hoon yaar, i have brains! ;p

  16. 🙂 cool so next I can listen u in radio mirchi 😀
    btw my story’s part 2 is also up

  17. Yeap Crazy Girls :D.

    Maik ek pagli
    tu ek pagli

    Aur yeh pagli kab

    pagalpan karegi yaani post karegi nai post 😛

  18. @ preeti,

    radio mirchi! now thats becoming a joke here in blogsville!

    i read and commented on your story dear..

  19. @ juneli,

    karoongi… ek post almost ready hai… jald hi post karoongi!

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