GIGO, as any soul enlightened to the inner works of the machine called computer will tell you, stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. What it means is that if you feed trash into a system, what you’ll get out of it is also trash.There was a story in today’s Hindustan Times about a paradoxical situation – a growing demand for engineers in the industry, and the growing number of unemployed technical degree holders. (I can’t bring myself to call them engineers!!!!) I read a comment that “only about 30% of the technically trained are worthy of getting a job!” Is that right, I wondered and went back to my classroom where half of our professor’s rant zoomed past our heads at super sonic speed, where we became expert copiers from books, guides and fellow classmates assignments. Were we thinking like engineers? Absolutely not!I whole-heartedly agree that not all technical degree holders are worthy of engineering jobs. Reason? They don’t think and act like engineers. Or to put it simply, they lack the necessary quality one must have for every job – Aptitude. For entrance into most engineering colleges, aptitude is never a criteria for consideration. And it is the lack of this very aptitude, that makes students miserable in engineering colleges (yeah, in spite of the exuberance of college life.) There is no escaping the feeling once they land a job that they don’t enjoy.So what has this to do with the GIGO phenomenon, you ask? Simply that we feed in inapt students to the engineering colleges and inapt engineers come out of them. GIGO you see, Garbage In, Garbage Out. These students, who turn into inefficient (and sometimes unemployed engineers) are the worst hit. They are expected to take life-defining decisions at the age of fifteen, with little or no help provided to them. How in the Heaven’s name can a tenth class student decide to be an electronics engineer when he hasn’t so much as heard of a diode? How will a girl of fourteen know she can make a good neuro-surgeon when she has never laid hands on a scalpel? Is it really the fault of these young students to opt for engineering or MBA following the lure of overseas positions and MNC jobs paying high salaries? Their parents, their teachers all talk about future prospects in a particular field, who talks to them about aptitude? Who tells them that for every one person who has excelled in the field of engineering and medicine, there are ten others who have not, who are unhappy and dissatisfied? Who tells these bright ambitious middle class students that there are so many career options available? When I was a teenager about to choose a field, other career options like teaching, architecture, interior designing were ‘soft options’ or for those who could not get into professional courses. There was a social stigma attached to these careers. That, combined with the lack of aptitude evaluation led to basically two choices – medicine or engineering. Why do we take such blind risk with our lives? Why can’t our school courses include aptitude evaluation?Wouldn’t it be great if we were tested for our natural ability to do things as well as ability to learn? And then shown the direction our life could take. So that when we walk into a college, it will be towards a career, not a meaningless degree. So that every professionally qualified individual became an asset to our country, not a liability joining the throngs of the unemployed. So that all of us loved our jobs, leading contented lives. So that all of us found our happiness within ourselves.


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  1. Me FIRST!!

    Bole toh, apun pehle aaya…kya beedu.

  2. Nice post!!

    I agree with you completely. Indian parents have the mentality that there are only two kind of good jobs: Engineering or Medical. It’s not just the case in India even in abroad all the Engineering or Medical positions in colleges are taken by Indians/Chinese.

    It’s just our mentality where we value education in only two fields. Fortunately, things are changing in India as we have started valuing other fields like Architecture, Business, Economics etc. It will take some time to change our mentality towards education but with globalization hopefully we will be able to create jobs in other lucrative fields too.

  3. I did my Automobile Engineering because I was fascinated by cars and loved every moment of it and now with my interest in Graphic designing, I am trying to get into Automobile Designing and am excited about my future as there is a lot of scope for the same here.

    PS: Thank God there was a missing “L” in the heading otherwise the post would have been completely different one…he he

  4. Yes, Indian education system doesnt have any ‘education’ in it, its all about learning by rote, spewing it over exam papers, and forgetting about it! (Cant say if its true abroad or not as well). Even when i was growing up, Engineering and Medical (and add MBA now) were ‘the’ options, if one didnt opt for it, there was a kind of social stigma attached (talking of typical middle class families). Imagine the horror in my household, when I sort of forwarded that I wanted to be a journalist! But anyways, I think times are changing, India is opening up, and a lot more career options are being explored. Hopefully the gilt-edge around ‘engrr’ and ‘medical’ will fade off soon!

  5. did someone undergo a personality change here!!!

  6. @ Ricky, yeah you first….. but its not so tough on my blog…. not many visitors you see!

  7. @ Ricky,

    the mental barrier is breaking, but only in metros….in other areas, a doctor-engg degree has definite imapct on social status…

  8. @ Ricky,

    Do you know how bloody lucky you are? Doing something you love…!

    The missing “L” is also accompanied by a missing “O” 😉

  9. @ DJ,

    absolutely… perhaps we need to go back to the gurukul education system!

  10. @ devil,

    no, all the traits of the personality are always present… some of them sometimes get overshadowed by some others…. that doesn’t mean they are not there….

  11. Where did your picture on the side go? Change it, incase it got deleted or something.

    Aree aapke bhi visitors badhenge bus aise hee achee achee post likhte raho. Warna hum hain toh kya gham hain.

    Do you know I read somewhere that Indians find it hard to respect Commerce field (infact fear it subconsiously) because of the fear ingrained into their minds when East India Company came to do Commerce and instead ruled us.

    Also, people in old-era never respected Commerce as I think it was placed behind Brahmins & Shatriya in terms of status.

  12. I will come and comment later on 🙂

  13. Hi! Zoya here. 🙂 Me back after a long time….with the 3rd chapter of my story…please do read and give me your opinion.

  14. Hi! Zoya again. Forgot to put forth my two bits on your post ! :))You have so precisely put across my thoughts on the issue…and going a step further, there are these tests called “aptitude tests” that you can take while in school. They supposedly help you find out what you’re good at and thus point towards a prospective career. In my observation, a majority of these tests are of no use. So how is one supposed to take a decision ?

  15. Yes, its absolutely true.In most cases the decision is based on job security, money earning capacity and things like that – no body cares what the person is good at or what he/she likes.
    Proper coaching by parents and teachers can help but they are themselves skewed towards engg. & medical as if that are the only things in the world.
    Taking Arts as a option is still considered a very low option – often seen as a failure of a person in studies.

    By the way – You were preparing new template for your blog. What happened of that?

  16. @ Ricky,

    Its not deleted… my account on ripway expired, so the link doesn’t work…

    visitors badhenge! aameen!:)

    Your take on commerce is intersting, but trade is important for the development of economy, so why should commerce be feared???

  17. Link it to some other site na. I loved the painting you had. Was that M F Hussain? I know he does a lot of horses.

    Hamari kripa rahege toh visitors zaroor badenge…he he.

    As I said that commerce was feared because people didn’t trust business people after the East India Co. takeover of the country. In some way we are still colonized and new country to colonize all the world is US with its culture. We ape them blindly though they are a screwed up country themselves. Unfortunately, US again tried to screw us when they did the Enron scam. So, its kinda hard for Indians to trust businesses esp. from abroad.

  18. @ Zoya,

    welcome to my site…. i read the story and even commented on it… chk it out!

  19. @zoya,

    actually these aptitude tests can help a lot if they are well designed and analyzed. But 10-15 questions solved at one sitting will not help. There needs to be an evaluation over a period of time… but in today’s fast paced world, nobody has the time for that!

  20. @ Navy,

    Oh yes, there was this topper in my school who opted for arts, and you wouldn’t believe the reactions she got! our soceity is conditioned to believe that if one opts for arts, the person is a low scorer in the exams and hence a duffer…..

    the work on the template is on… my limited html skills are to be blamed for the delay!

  21. @ Ricky,

    Husain???!!!??? no yeah, it is not the work of an artist…. it is a cut-out from my painting!!! *blushing*

    i’ll put it up one of these days!

    yeah, but thats exactly my point! if we have good shrewed businessmen here, we would not be an easy target for other countries…. then why look down upon those streams? why leave it as option for the ‘second best’ talent???

  22. Wow!!

    It was pretty good, Anks. Sure do put it up. I would love to see the whole painting.

    I think it was looked down because of our culture. Brahmins were supposedly engineers, rulers, doctors and businessmen were below them in status, so that’s ingrained in our culture from time immortal. I don’t think it will go away that easily.

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