Desperate Measures

She was fed-up with all the nagging, tired of having her life controlled.

She desperately wanted it to end…

She was fed-up with the irresponsible nature, tired of making all decisions.

She desperately wanted it to change…

Next day’s headlines – “Girl commits suicide. Suicide-note names nagging mother”

Four months later – “Nagging mother depressed. Drinks poison”


5 responses to “Desperate Measures

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  2. ohh.. its really very touching!!

    Nagging is really hell. It breaks the realtionships. You are really intelligent to understand this.

    I know a similar story(email) in which a small boy sctrached the newly bought car with the nail/hammer and his father in “fit of anger” smashed his son’s little fingers’ Later on, they were amputated, damage beyond control.

    When the boy got conscious, he asked his father innocently, In how many days his fingers will grow up again? ..see the father was so depressed and ashamed that he commited suicide!

    I know its really tough to forgive others and believe me it is equally tough to forgive ourselves(of course we must have conscience for that).. Some times i do feel.. why cant we forgive ourselves or the others?

    Tough thought to ponder upon.

  3. Goshhh! thats so saddistic (though realistic too 😦 )…

    reading the first 2 lines, I was thinking of mailing it to my girl… but then thot otherwise after reaching the end 😉 hehe

    nice thot to think about, albeit with a sad ending!

  4. Aaah got it finally!
    this post reminded me of these lines I came across somewhere on the net, may be some other blog… saved them but forgot the source 😦 They go like (with due credits to the writer) :

    – “Walk with your head bowed”
    – “Sleep with your legs together”
    – “Don’t leave your hair loose. Tie it”
    – “You really should start wearing long skirts now. You’re a big girl”
    – “No, no, you cannot cut your hair. I don’t care what your friends do”
    – “It’s dark now. You can’t go out alone.”
    – “If the man touched you, just ignore it. You cannot be reacting to everything, you know”
    – “Shh…don’t tell your father about it. He’ll say you invited it upon yourself”
    – “What’s wrong with this boy? Why won’t you marry him?”
    – “What do you mean you don’t like him? If I had spoken like that to my dad…”
    – “Let the men eat first”
    – “Women are born to suffer”
    – “If you can’t bear this pain, how are you going to have babies?”
    – “So, when are you going to make us grandparents?”
    – “My God, you look so much like your mother!”

  5. Deepak Jeswal

    Fresh maal maangta hai yahan 🙂

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